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Dr Steve Day, Founder

How we can help you

We coach micro-business owners, with 0 to 10 employees, to free their time by helping them to document and systemise their business processes and to outsource their work effectively and affordably to reliable remote-workers.

Over the past two years, we’ve helped over 100 micro-business owners to become less stressed, more organised, more profitable, and to have more time to what they are best at doing in their businesses.

We’ve hired more than forty remote-workers for our clients as well as providing access to our team of expert virtual assistance for those not wanting to take on their own staff.

By working with a combination of Filipino and UK based remote workers, we’ve found the perfect balance of local knowledge, expertise, and affordability.

At Systems and Outsourcing Limited, we have a team of loyal Filippino remote-workers to whom we outsource over 25,000 hours of work each year.

Kevin Brittain, Co-owner

Kevin Brittain started SFO on the first Beta program in June 2017.

Within 6 months he’d gone from 60+ hours per week to 6 hours per month running his large, nationwide property portfolio- almost entirely without the use of letting agents.

Kevin did this by following the SFO program to transform the way he worked. He removed himself from the day-to-day operations of his 96 properties.


He had more time to spend with his wife and 3 young children and with enough spare to take the role of joint partner and COO of Systems and Outsourcing.

Kevin's property portfolio consists of 30+ Serviced Accommodation units, 40+ HMO properties and a number of single lets. He runs the entire business, including an ongoing development of 17 SA units in Blackpool, in less than 90 minutes a week from his home in Cambridge. Compare that to the 60+ hours per week he was spending before starting SFO.

What Kevin has achieved in such a short space of time may seem remarkable, but for members of the SFO community, stories like this are a regular occurrence.

The SFO Platform was created to fill a void in my life, but it is now transforming the world of small business, one remarkable story at a time 🙂

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Dr Steve Day and Kevin Brittain.

Founder and Co-Owner of Systems and Outsourcing Limited.

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