6-Step System to Outsource Your Market Research to your VA

Getting to know your potential customers, their unmet needs and who your competitors are is essential if you are going to effectively market your new idea, service or product. Using language which resonates with your target audience and answering actual problems is a fast track way to build trust and convert them into ardent fans.

The problem is, doing all these can take a long time, and traditionally relies on building models, or avatars, of your clients. Below, I describe an alternative method, where you find real people, using real language to describe their real unmet needs, and then use those facts, rather than an avatar, to produce relevant and compelling marketing material to get your big idea directly into the hands of the people who need it most.

There are two parts to this article, and you need to read both to get the full value out of it.

First, you will find a summary of 7 Useful Google Search Techniques which will give you better, more relevant results, and considerably cut down your research time. Some of these ideas are borrowed from ‘Will it Fly’ by Pat Flynn. Others, we learned through our own research and good old trial-and-error.

Second part, is the 6-step system to delegate this entire job to your VA, so they do all the hard work for you! This is exactly what I did when I performed market research for my Systems and Outsourcing Platform, Course and Mentorship Program. The nuggets of marketing gold I uncovered during that process has enabled me to fill the first two courses, with a waiting list for the third, without spending a single penny on marketing or ads!

I have a background in computing, systems, and medicine and had no previous marketing experience so if this worked for me it will work for absolutely anyone! Continue reading “6-Step System to Outsource Your Market Research to your VA”

The Only 8 Apps and Services needed to Delegate almost anything to a VA

Learning to ‘let go’ and stop micromanaging your VAs is a skill that improves with time and practice. Using the right tools can make you feel more confident in delegating and hopefully speed up this process.

Below you will find the 8 apps and services that I use every day to safely and effectively delegate almost anything to my remote workers. This is my selection from years of trying to find the easiest, most simple and cost- effective apps and services for outsourcing. They are listed in the order that I could not live without, starting with the most important. Continue reading “The Only 8 Apps and Services needed to Delegate almost anything to a VA”

The Search for the Best 1-2-1, Group Meeting, and Webinar Software!

As a business owner, we always need to be in the loop. There is always the need to communicate, and to communicate effectively. Not being to provide information or respond at the right time using the best medium, including a webinar software, could make or break a business deal.

For one-on-one communication, I’ve been using my phone and Skype. When I need to deliver information to many, I usually use Facebook to post on my groups and pages. (See how I outsource doing that here.) Now that I need to deliver my Systems and Outsourcing course, I was prompted to find a communication platform for interactive group sessions and webinars. This is totally different as I would need to be talking rather than typing, would be presenting lessons rather than information tidbits, and as the sessions are scheduled, I need to provide real value to my audience.

I outsourced this task and asked my VA to look for the best platform to deliver the course launch. Here are the criteria that I used:  Continue reading “The Search for the Best 1-2-1, Group Meeting, and Webinar Software!”

How to Train Your VA to Write Amazing Facebook Posts for You

With over 2 billion monthly users, if you don’t have a strong Facebook presence and compelling Facebook posts, you are missing out on a huge potential market for your product or service. Start tapping into this powerful social media platform by following this simple guide to outsourcing your blog research and copywriting to your very own Facebook genius!

Why Facebook?

There are a lot of social media platforms available for marketers these days. However, Facebook is still undeniably the most powerful among them. It is the most highly trafficked platform out there, with around 2 billion active users per month as of the June 2017 statistics. A business is not a business if it’s not on Facebook, either as a fan page, a group or community, or a business owner’s personal account.


Even if you do know the value of having a strong Facebook presence, actually posting on Facebook could be at the bottom of your to-do list, simply because you don’t have the time! This is exactly how I felt and it’s only when I started outsourcing this important task did I actually get anything published online. In the space of 3 months, I created a blog page with new blogs added at least weekly, I have a Facebook Group with 650 members without any advertising, and I did all this while launching a new course and developing a new outsourcing platform!

This is how I did it in 3 simple steps:

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Where to Find Your Superstar Virtual Assistant (VA)

Since outsourcing is a booming industry nowadays, there are a lot of options available for someone like you looking for their superstar virtual assistant. It could get stressful having to decide where to go to find what you are looking for. To make it simpler and more efficient for you, it’s important that you take your pick from freelance marketplaces that have already earned a good reputation. Here are some such platforms that you should check out when looking for your superstar virtual assistant:


Upwork, formerly oDesk, is by far the most popular freelance marketplace. With over 500,000 businesses choosing this online platform for finding the perfect candidate for their job vacancies, it is unsurprising how Upwork is steadily growing in terms of the number of freelancers. Its appeal lies partly in how it allows employers to gauge a prospective employee based on a comprehensive look at the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and work experiences as well as screening questions.  Continue reading “Where to Find Your Superstar Virtual Assistant (VA)”

Screen Recording Apps for Outsourcers

There are a lot of barriers to effective communication between you and your remote workers. There’s language barrier, cultural barrier, and geographic barrier, to mention a few. From my experience, I have found out that the best way of communicating with my VAs (aside from Asana) is by using screen recording apps.

Recording your screen is definitely the best way of teaching your remote workers something that would otherwise be confusing using text instructions. You can produce video clips for simple instructions, but you can also do longer recordings for training purposes.

According to studies, people learn better with both audio and visual rather than just visual (text and pictures) or just audio. In addition, recording videos for training purposes help you systematise your processes, and more (the benefits of using screen recording apps in outsourcing would probably need a separate blog post!)

Below is a comparison of 6 screen recording apps to help you decide which one to use based on your preferences and budget considerations.

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