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Bronwen Vearncombe, on why they joined the Systems for Outsourcing Programme
Alex Elsey, The SFO Programme is an E-Myth in a Box
Rizwan Ahmed, on the results he has seen from implementing the SFO Programme
John and Bronwen Vearncombe, on what they would say to someone who'll ask them about joining the SFO Programme
RECRUIT RIGHT is a system in which you'll see the Light! - Sandeep Senghera
Elaine's Testimonial About the SFO Programme
James Grew's Testimonial About the SFO Programme
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"I’ve been trying to systemise my business for years and given up. I’ve read lots of books I’ve downloaded templates but actually trying to get it onto paper I’ve always found that difficult. To be hand-held through a system is really satisfying."


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Sean Brett

"As an existing Asana user, this was brilliant to learn how other people are “bending the line” with software to run their business. Steve Day, you are a true master...."


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Graham Page

"I can back Steve and his amazing company. Currently on his mentorship and can't explain to you the level of detail and systemisation they have  gone in to!!"


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Jack Wicks

Property Investor and Entrepreneur

I was initially sceptical about using remote assistants to systemise and outsource tasks within my business. The truth is that I didn’t know what the possibilities were, or how to start. I highly recommend the Systems For Outsourcing Programme

Ozan Redjep

Steve, you have painstakingly developed an incredible thing with SFO, that’s helping both startups and established businesses to take the same quantum leap that you yourself took in terms of systemising and outsourcing.

Thanks for everything that the SFO family are doing for us business owners. Keep fighting the good fight 💪

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Ozan Redjep

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Steve and the SFO team!

SFO is more than just telling what to do to systemise your business but is a perfect example of SHOWING how to do so literally, step by step via the detailed videos.

The course is most beneficial when you actually have a VA to work with throughout the course.

I was originally overwhelmed with the thought of having to find something for a full time VA to do. This was a major stumbling block for me in my mind, preventing me from moving forward with getting a VA. However, now with the option of onboarding a VA on an adhoc basis with SFO, who are already trained on the system was a massive relief for me. It was a baby step that I could take easily in working with a VA, rather than the massive step of having a full time one. Once I am familiar with the process and system, I’m confident this will grow and I’d be able to then move on with employing a full time VA.

So if you are anything like me, overwhelmed with the thought of fully occupying a full time VA, I would suggest you take the baby step of utilising one of SFOs adhoc VA service. Then watch it grow naturally from there. 🙂

Thanks Steve and SFO Team.

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Kemi Ogidan

ONE of the BEST course I ever done! The results in a nutshell : I have a VA, a system to communicate with her and to systemise my business, and I have already delegated tasks and systemised a great part on my business within 6 weeks.

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Carole Reynaud, June 2018


TED Talk Speaker

The SFO Programme is well structured and has great content to really help you systemise your business, place your first VA and start outsourcing those more time consuming and lower value tasks. This allows you to really focus on your KRAs and grow your business, while also freeing up more of your time

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Alec Smith

The course along with the support has been instrumental in allowing me to launch 2 new businesses shortly after leaving the corporate world. SFO has allowed me to quickly recruit a VA to assist with all administrative tasks and manage my email and diary so I can focus on what I do best.

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Paul Bingham

Trusted Wireless Limited

The SFO Programme opened our eyes to the huge benefits of outsourcing. Thanks to Steve’s help and his system we’re able to focus more on the foundations and strategic objectives of our business rather than the day to day activities

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Andy Day

"4 months after starting the SFO Program and I have 4 VAs, a fully outsourced business and 90% of my personal email are outsourced too!

Overall, I'm already about 70% towards all of my 6 month goals!"

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Dr Say Vivekanantham, February 2018


“It has literally been the best course I have done in terms of making a change in my business and also in terms of value for money. It has saved me at least a year in terms of business progress.

It has given me the confidence that we have the systems in place to expand the business and we are looking at scaling up.”

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Dr Rachael Coates, February 2018

"Any Business Owners that struggle with freeing themselves from the shackles of running their own business need to check out Steve Day’s Systems for Outsourcing program. I can honestly say that from personal experience of working with Steve he has helped revolutionise my business and I now have more free time than I thought possible a few months back and a more profitable business #highlyrecommended."

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Kevin Brittain, September 2017

"The Systems for Outsourcing platform is the most incredible in-depth system for outsourcing. The value in this 'course' is exceptional. Really, it is not a course as such, but more of a plug and play system that enables you to outsource all of your web/ computer-based tasks within days of receiving the programme content. They even train your VA to create your operations manual as you work through the programme!”

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Simon Das

SFO has been an exceptional experience from start to finish, with excellent service from Steve and his team. I was very sceptical about systemising and outsourcing and initially, my mindset was very limited in terms of what it could achieve in my life. Fortunately for me, the SFO course managed to turn this on its head and it was a real inflexion point in my life and business. The real highlight for me was the use of Asana, which I have now fully integrated into my business and personal life and has transformed me from total chaos to organised heaven. This is the best course which I have completed so far in terms of game-changing my lifestyle and comes highly recommended to everyone!

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Alex Impey