Company Values


To enrich the quality of life.

We create innovative solutions to improve the productivity and profitability of small businesses.


We value integrity

      • We never abuse the trust of our team, our customers and our partners
      • We do the right thing 
      • We take pride in our work and own our mistakes

We are a reflection of  our client's success

      • We are passionate about our company’s purpose
      • We go the extra mile to make our client’s feel valued and we celebrate their successes
      • We continually strive to improve our systems and processes and share our best practices with our customers

We care about our Team

      • We are great communicators and enjoy contributing during meetings
      • We focus on the success of the team, not ourselves
      • We nurture the potential in every individual and value family, health and happiness

We Poke the Box

      • We are resourceful, proactive, innovative and aren’t afraid to take risks
      • We understand that mistakes are part of the process 
      • We think smart and actively seek ways to do more with less

We are Positive

      • We are motivated, enthusiastic and enjoy helping others
      • We welcome feedback and use it as a guide for improving future behaviour
      • We provide solutions, we don’t create problems

We love technology

      • We embrace technology and use it to improve our efficiency
      • We systemise and/or automate everything we do
      • We are experts at using our core apps and software