Virtual Assistant Hiring Service Pricing

Virtual Assistant Hiring Service

General VA


Professional Virtual Assistant (VA)

Usually from the Philippines Hourly rates £2.50-£5 per hour

The SFO Hiring System selects VAs with:

  • Excellent English Language Skills
  • Ability to accurately follow instructions
  • High attention to detail
  • High Internet Speed
  • Performance Computer Hardware

In addition, all VAs are interviewed by our team before being approved.

The SFO VA Training Academy:

  • Full SFO Platform Training
  • Training on 'How to be an effective VA'
  • Trained to produce Operations
  • Manuals to a very high standard


  • Terms of engagement Provided
  • VA setup with a new Asana Task Board


Your VA will be available for upto 20 hours per week.

We reserve the right to place your VA with another client. If you want exclusivity, please select the 'General VA Full-Time' service.

6-week Guarantee:

All our VAs are guaranteed to be great at general VA tasks, and creating OMs.

Should you find your new VA unsuitable for any reason, we will replace them free of charge anytime in the first 6 weeks of employment.

General VA


Everything in General VA Part-Time plus:


You will have exclusive access to your VA. We will not place them with any other client.*

*We must advise you that if you do not provide 35+ hours of work each week then you VA may wish to look for additional work elsewhere.

Fully Bespoke
Recruitment Service


Recruitment to meet your exact needs

If you require a specialist VA we can offer you a fully bespoke recruitment service.


  • Fact-finding call with you to help you identify exactly what you need
  • Job advert created for your approval
  • Rigorous recruitment process
  • Interim-Shortlist provided for approval
  • Personality Profiling
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Challenging interviews

Final shortlist of 3-4 Candidates with all interview scores, profiles and application responses provided.

You choose your favourite or let us choose for you!

All VAs are trained to use the Asana SFO Platform

We include our own Task Templates for assigning work to a number of specialists including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Copy Writing
  • Zapier

Please ask for more details.

VA Service


Hassle-free Outsourcing

If you want all the benefits of a new VA (general or specialist) but don't want the hassle then try our ad-hoc VA service.

You simply send us your work and we do it for you 🙂

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